Created in 2008, E. Timóteo is a fruit production and marketing
company whose activity consists in the conservation, selection,
packaging and commercialization of its production. Based in Óbidos, this
family-based company assumes quality and rigor as key elements for its
growth and consolidation.

E. Timóteo was born by the hands of Elias Timoteo, a
charismatic businessman, who followed his family heritage and his taste
for fruit growing. With an area of orchards that reaches the 150
hectares, E. Timóteo dedicates itself with great expression to the apple
and the pear, however the production also includes apricots, plums,
peaches and nectarines.

E. Timóteo is expanding in the foreign market, either
directly or in partnership, the export already has a weight of 50% in
the turnover of the company. It is located directly in Brazil and
Morocco, Poland and Germany and, in partnership, in France, England,
Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Colombia.

With an annual production of four thousand tons of
fruit, E. Timóteo is at the forefront of innovation, always attentive to
new varieties with flavor, aroma and consistency, new planting
techniques and new cold storage systems .

The modern facilities of E. Timóteo are divided in
three parts, the reception of the fruit, conservation in cold of normal
atmosphere, controlled and dynamic, and its later classification, where
it is packaged for the various clients. Such as, export markets, large
commercial areas, supply markets and small retail.


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